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Amazing 3 accion start up loans

accion start up loans Digital financing – CrossLend Platform

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accion start up loans
accion start up loans
accion start up loans
accion start up loans
accion start up loansaccion start up loans

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Data and analytics can give private debt funds an edge in the race to deploy capital

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accion start up loans Investment funds specialised in investing in private debt can be an attractive route to gain exposure to this alternative asset class. Yet data on the volumes of undeployed capital – dry powder – in the private debt fund segment globally suggest strong competition for attractive deals. When it comes to investing in digital lending platforms in Europe, using data and analytics to scope opportunities and lower operational costs accion start up loans

Building industry standards for lending platforms in Germany

Tags: Digital Lenders; SME; Investing; Association of German Lending Platforms

accion start up loans Alternative lenders are playing an increasingly important economic role in funding businesses, in Germany and across Europe. In 2021, the amount of lending to businesses through German marketplaces totaled 11.4 billion euros. At the same time, growing participation on the funding side by institutional

Securitisation as a Service

accion start up loans CrossLend’s Securitisation as a Service provides a fully authorised, supervised and audited framework to issue financial instruments with a variety of features. To create efficient workflows and processes in regard to the issuance of notes, we have optimised the digitisation and automation of data onboarding, data validation and data management.

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Classification of credits.

Households, to acquire consumer goods (car, household appliances, etc.), and businesses, to acquire capital goods (machines, etc.), increasingly resort to credit

Short-term credit

Short-term credit, from 3 months to two years, used by households and businesses.

Medium-term credit

Medium-term credit is the most recommended and its duration is between two and seven years.

Very short-term credit

Very short-term credit (overnight) which is used by banks to adjust their cash flow on a daily basis.

Long-term credit

Long-term credit, over seven years, for households, businesses and local communities (municipalities, departments, etc.).

Let your business grow with us!

In credit, as in life, the key is to find the right partner. To feel safe and well advised, you need to be able to trust your credit partner. As a partner of cantonal banks and many regional banks, we can assure you of this. You can trust us like your usual bank. We always exercise absolute discretion and protect your interests, also in the face of over-indebtedness. Thanks to our serious advice and credit review, our financing is reasonable and secure, simple and advantageous. It feels good to have chosen the right partner and to know who is behind your credit. MAY CREDIT, because trust pays.



You have a need, we have the solution Let’s talk together, it’s simple and without obligation

Who can take out a loan without a credit check?

Anyone who provides the required supporting documents can legitimately apply for credit without a credit check.
They are natural persons, but also legal persons, associations, companies

Who are we?

With the resurgence of credit refusals among households able to repay their loan, MAY CREDIT offers a full range of loans tailored to those who need it. By granting loans to individuals, we provide our clients with special know-how that combines banking skills and human qualities (listening, understanding). The establishment was founded in 2008 in Jalhay and today has more than 39,600 clients who operate beyond the borders of Switzerland, in several countries of the European Union. Today, MAY CREDIT has several employees, a national call center based in united kingdom.

MAY CREDIT is today one of the best in consumer credit and is 100% independent. A position that allows us to offer you the best possible credit conditions and to offer you first-rate service. More than 39,600 satisfied customers and constantly expanding national coverage.